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Eraman behar ala ez eskularruak? Galdera oso garrantzitsua zure segurtasunerako!

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What is PPE Equipment?

PPE babes pertsonalerako ekipamenduak adierazten ditu, laneko segurtasun ekipamenduen kategoria zabala, kaskoak, erorketak saihesteko arnesak, segurtasun betaurrekoak, ikuspen handiko arropa, laneko botak eta eskuak babesteko eskularruak barne hartzen dituena.


Why Wearing Gloves is Important?

It is important to wear gloves when working with hazardous chemicals and other materials because they protect our hands from infection and contamination. Babes eskularruak should be selected on the basis of the hazards involved.

· Nitrile gloves protect against most chemicals and infectious agents.

· Rubber gloves protect against mild corrosive material.

· Neoprene gloves protect against most solvents, oils, and mild corrosive materials.

· Avoid latex gloves as many people are allergic or develop allergies to this material.

When to Wear Gloves?


Wear gloves when your hands may come into contact with:

· infectious materials

· radioactive materials

· Chemicals

· Fabrikazioa

When NOT to Wear Gloves

· Don't wear gloves when touching common surfaces, such as telephones, computers, door knobs, and elevator buttons, or that may be touched without gloves by others.

· Don't wear gloves outside of the lab. When transporting hazardous materials between labs, use secondary containers that can be carried without gloves. (Bring gloves and spill materials in case of an accident.)

Questions on gloves? Contact Mesian Safety at [posta elektroniko bidez babestua] .

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